by: Suman Pant

Beyond Boundaries.

Education for All:

Ensuring free and accessible education to every Uzbek child.

Affordable Housing Initiative:

Providing low-cost housing options for citizens in need.

Green Energy Drive:

Promoting renewable energy sources to reduce carbon emissions.

Healthcare for Everyone:

Enhancing healthcare services and coverage for all Uzbekistanis.

Entrepreneurship Support Program:

Facilitating startups and small businesses with financial assistance.

Women's Empowerment Project:

Advancing gender equality and opportunities for women.

Digital Connectivity Plan:

Expanding internet access and digital infrastructure across the nation.

Agricultural Modernization Scheme:

Upgrading farming practices and equipment for improved productivity.

Cultural Heritage Preservation:

Initiatives to safeguard and promote Uzbekistan's rich cultural heritage.

Clean Water for All:

Ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water for all communities.