by: Suman Pant

New Schemes to Help the Poor and Vulnerable.

Universal Primary Education:

Free primary education for all children.

UPE School Feeding Program:

Provides meals to primary school children.

National Agricultural Advisory Services:

Provides agricultural extension services to farmers.

Microfinance Support Facility:

Provides loans to micro-entrepreneurs.

Empowerment for Women and Youth:

Provides training and support to women and youth.

Free Health Care for Mothers and Children:

Provides free healthcare to mothers and children under the age of five.

Skills Development for Youth:

Provides training to youth to help them find employment.

National Employment:

Provides temporary employment to unemployed people.

Vulnerable Group Fund:

Provides assistance to vulnerable groups such as the elderly, disabled, and orphans.

Operation Wealth Creation:

Promotes agricultural production and economic development.