by: Suman Pant

Building a Brighter Future for All.

Big Four Agenda :

Focused on affordable housing and food security to drive economic growth.

National Youth Service (NYS) Empowerment Program:

Provides vocational training and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Free Primary Education :

Ensures access to quality education for all Kenyan children at the primary level.

National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF):

Provides affordable health insurance coverage to Kenyan citizens.

National Safety Net Program :

Offers social protection and cash transfer programs.

Digital Literacy Program :

Enhances access to technology and digital skills training for primary school students.

National Irrigation Development Authority (NIDA) :

Promotes irrigation systems and agricultural projects.

Huduma Centers :

One-stop service centers that provide convenient access to various government services for citizens.

Kenya National Roads Authority (KeNHA) :

Develops and maintains the national road network.

Vision 2030 :

A long-term development blueprint aimed at transforming Kenya into a middle-income country .